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Finding the Perfect House to Rent


When looking for a house to rent, you should really be as conscious and thorough as if you were buying. After all, the place you choose is, hopefully, going to become your home for a really long time. So, taking the time to plan your move, and make a well-thought-out […]

Learning to Pick the Right Tenants


The right tenants can be your source of income, while the wrong ones can burn a huge hole through your wallet. Sadly, distinguishing the first kind from the second isn’t always as easy as looking through applications and choosing what looks best on paper. There really isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind […]

How to Get Started as a Landlord


Some people become landlords because they’ve always been attracted to the industries, others get into it hoping to make some extra income, and a lot of people find themselves becoming landlords when they decide to move but don’t really want to sell their houses. Whatever the reason that brought you […]