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Do You Have What It Takes to Sublet?


Maybe you want to make some extra income while on vacation, need someone to help with the rent, or you want to move to a different area without losing the apartment you’re already renting. Whatever your reason, you’re thinking about subletting your place. Subletting is finding someone to take over […]

Improvements: Should You Allow Your Tenants to Do them?


There are all sorts of reason why your tenants might ask to make improvements or changes. Likewise, you could get requests for simple changes or really intricate renovations that will require a lot of money. Maybe they want something relatively simple like giving some color to their kid’s walls, or […]

Learn to Recognize Sketchy Applicants


Choosing the wrong tenant is the single worst mistake a landlord can make. A bad tenant can damage the property so badly it takes a lot of time and money to get it back in shape, and they can also drag landlords to court and through long and tortuous eviction […]