End of Lease Hacks to Get Your Deposit Back

Staying in a rented property has its perks. However, moving houses is the worst nightmare that anyone would have to face. Having to finish your lease and move your things out of your home means a ton of cleaning and cause a lot of anxiety to all those who have lived in the property. Having to work hard to keep a spotless home while living in it is bad enough, but having to clean it and restore it to the original state is a tougher job. The main reason tenants struggle with the end of lease cleaning is because they need to move all the stuff that they brought into the home in the first place and then worry about the cleaning which can easily take a long time. Here are the top tips to help you with your end of lease cleaning. Think of these tips as hacks to help you get your bond money back when you leave. 

  1. Make sure that you begin cleaning the house after you have moved all the furniture out. Do not attempt to clean the house with a few of our things still hanging around the place.
  2. Always make sure you that you double pay your rent in the new place and the old for at least two days to allow time for cleaning. Unless you have the money to hire a professional cleaner who specializes in end of year cleaning, you are going to need to work in two days to restore the house to order, or you will lose money.
  3. Once everything is cleared you, won’t have to worry about moving things around to get the cleaning done. Never start with the floor of the house. Move from the ceiling downwards.
  4. Check the ceiling of the house for any peeling paint that you want to fix. Get a paint match done with the color of the roof, door, windows and the walls from your local paint store and buy a small pot of each color for as little as $25.
  5. Wipe down any electrical sockets and switchboards before you begin work on the walls, ceiling, door frames, windows, and doors.
  6. If there are any deep scratches, use toothpaste or a small pea-sized amount of putty to cover it up. Remember that covering deep scratches and broken wall with putty takes time to dry. You cant paint over it, so make sure that this is done as soon as possible.
  7. Touch up all the parts of the house with the paint that you have purchased and leave the parts with wall putty for the end.
  8. Clean bathrooms and tiled flooring first before going to any carpeted area.
  9. Start cleaning at the furthest part of the home before moving toward the entrance and then leave for the day, so you don’t walk over parts that are already clean. 
  10. Lastly, ensure that you do a once over, in the end, to make sure that you have cleaned everything and then finally do one last vacuum of the place before handing over